Dark House

Is It Haunted, or Is It Hollywood? The Harlow/Bern House (ft. Bridget Marquardt)

Episode Summary

Alyssa and Hadley discuss the Harlow/Bern House and chat with celebrity paranormal investigator and podcast host Bridget Marquardt, who has visited the house herself.

Episode Notes

Alyssa shares the story of Los Angeles’s infamous Harlow/Bern House, a 1930 Craftsman that was once home to Hollywood starlet Jean Harlow and her MGM executive husband, Paul Bern. Two short months after the couple tied the knot, Bern was found dead in their home at 9820 Easton Drive in Benedict Canyon. Though his death was ruled a suicide, rumors have been circulating Hollywood for years suggesting Bern was actually murdered and that studio executives covered it up to protect Harlow’s career. Strangely, the next person to own the home also suffered an untimely death at the hands of the Manson Family. The co-hosts discuss a controversial interview from a 1970 issue of Fate Magazine that suggests the ghost of Paul Bern appeared in the home to warn the new occupants about a looming violent tragedy. Unsure of whether or not the house is haunted, cursed, or just a figure of Hollywood legend, Alyssa and Hadley connect with celebrity paranormal investigator Bridget Marquardt to find out what happened when she visited the home herself (39:33). Marquardt, who starred in E’s 2005 reality series The Girls Next Door, also shares stories about Hugh Hefner’s ghost visiting her in a “dream” (50:23), seeing a full apparition in her bedroom at the Playboy Mansion (53:48), and the scariest encounter a guest has shared with her on her podcast, Ghost Magnet with Bridget Marquardt (59:52). 

TW: Suicide


Host/Producer: Alyssa Fiorentino

Host/Producer: Hadley Mendelsohn

Producer: May Tsehay

Sound Engineer: Josh Caldwell