Dark House

What’s Lurking Behind That Historic Charm? The Mercer-Williams House (ft. Marcus Harvey)

Episode Summary

Alyssa and Hadley discuss the Mercer-Williams House in Savannah, Georgia and chat with Ghost Brothers co-star Marcus Harvey about his experiences conducting paranormal investigations in the city.

Episode Notes

Hadley takes listeners to the Spanish moss-veiled city of Savannah, Georgia, as she details the storied past and present of the Mercer-Williams House. Designed in 1860 and restored in 1969 by preservationist Jim Williams after years of abandonment, the Italianate revival that inspired Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil played host to a world famous antiques collection, and, more notably, at least three untimely deaths. It’s also supposedly built right on top of unmarked graves, like much of the city is. The house witnessed some of the city’s liveliest parties as well as some of its darkest secrets, and while it was the scene of the crime in a scandalous murder trial, it’s unclear whether it’s haunted by the spirits of those who died there, or simply by its reputation. To get a better understanding of the region and the hauntings that unfold in it, Hadley and Alyssa sit down with Ghost Brothers co-star and Georgia native Marcus Harvey (42:31). Having been on several paranormal investigations in Savannah, Harvey shares his insights on the energy of the city (49:30), as well as his thoughts on antiques being possessed (56:12), and how dealing with the paranormal has allowed him to be more spiritual (1:01:48). 

TW: Domestic abuse

Host/Producer: Alyssa Fiorentino

Host/Producer: Hadley Mendelsohn

Producer: May Tsehay

Sound Engineer: Josh Caldwell